Tarek Obaid
Tarek Obaid is co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of PSI. In his capacity as Chief Executive Officer, he is responsible for the Group’s overall management, strategy and high-level political relationships. Tarek has been instrumental in securing important investment opportunities for the Group as well as attracting senior management to PetroSaudi. In addition to PetroSaudi, Tarek […]
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Al-Jazira Bank
banking services
Chaired by Taha A. Al-Kuwaiz, the Bank Al-Jazira is one of the world’s leading Islamic banks. Headquartered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the bank provides an array of innovative financial products and services, in line with the Islamic Sharia Law. The bank has been serving the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since October 9, 1976 […]
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Etihad Etisalat Co
mobile services
Etihad Etisalat Company provides a wide range of mobile telecommunications services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Mobily is the official brand name of Etihad Etisalat, the 2nd mobile service provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The ownership of the company is of two-fold: A Saudi ownership, comprising public investors holding 40% of the […]
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International LTD
PetroSaudi International ltd, which was founded by Tarek Essam Ahmad Obaid in 2005, is one of the biggest players in the arena of privately owned oil exploration and production companies. The company has offices in England, Switzerland and Saudi Arabia, and is involved in many energy investments (excluding energy explorations). Over the years, PetroSaudi International […]
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Travel Group
The Al Tayyar Travel Group offers travel services. The Company organises vacation packages, books airline and hotel reservations, and owns a car rental company. Al Tayyar has offices in the Middle East, Asia, and North America. Al Tayyar Travel Group is engaged in providing travel, tourism, and shipping services in addition to transport, tourism, and […]
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PetroSaudi International ltd, which was founded by Tarek Essam Ahmad Obaid in 2005, is one of the biggest players in the arena of privately owned oil exploration and production companies.

The company has offices in England, Switzerland and Saudi Arabia, and is involved in many energy investments (excluding energy explorations). Over the years, PetroSaudi International has undertaken several projects in strategic energy regions like the Middle East and Latin America.

PetroSaudi trades natural gas, LPG, jet fuel, gasoline, chemical feedstock and related products in global markets. The company also provides services related to exploration geophysics and geology, oilfield constructions and operations, reservoir engineering, export management, development planning, HSE management and drilling operations compliant with environment protection and global health and safety measures.

In 2013, PetroSaudi established PetroSaudi Energy & Trading (PSENTRA), an oil trading and supply company.

ESG awareness is expressed on their website through the following quote: “Throughout all our operations, we ensure the current environmental conditions are meticulously preserved for the enjoyment of future generations”

Official Website – http://www.petrosaudi.com

Official Newshttp://news.petrosaudi.com

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Petromin Corporation

Petromin corporation

Ever since the Petromin Corporation opened for business in 1968, it’s been a key aspect of Saudi Arabia’s growth as an economic power. The main reason stems from the fact that it’s used the Kingdom’s most available commodity, oil, in a versatile fashion that now results in the manufacture of more than 150 different products.

The company began its corporate life as the Petromin Lubricating Oil Company before switching Saudi Arabian for Petromin. However, as an Al-Dabbagh subsidiary since it purchased the firm in 2007, it took on its present name the following year.

The growth over close to 50 years first began to take shape in 1970, when a blending plant was opened in the city of Jeddah. There, the number of metric tons of oil that are blended has doubled, currently reaching 150,000.

Yet growth has not only been seen in other Saudi cities, but in more than 35 different countries across the globe. Within the Kingdom, the 1982 opening of another plant in Riyadh increased revenues by offering a plant that has the capacity to also blend up to 150,000 metric tons of oil. In 1985, grease manufacturing became part of the Saudi business landscape when a plant in Jubail was opened.

The focus of Petromin has now been centralized to four different facets that have some link to the oil industry. In addition to lubricants, fuel retailing is also a major part of the company’s revenues. Rounding out their market reach, vehicles that obviously need oil and lubricants to run are serviced through Petromin Express outlets as well as car dealerships.

Within the scope of different lubricants that are manufactured, consumers can choose from gasoline, diesel, industrial and marine options. In addition, those required for gears and transmissions are also available.

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National Titanium Dioxide Co. (CRISTAL)


The main product produced by the National Titanium Dioxide Co. is fairly obvious from the official name, with most people simply referring to it as Cristal. More specifically, the company’s focus is on manufacturing titanium products that are ultrafine. Along with that, their production of chemicals made for titanium merchants is the largest such effort in the world. In the latter segment, this includes the production of oxysulfate, oxychloride and tetrachloride.

Cristal is currently situated in the second spot among all producers of titanium dioxide, with those customers using it to enhance things like the ink used, the seals needed for containers or simply the paint required for a job. Some of the products that are eventually made can be as basic as bags used in stores to parts for aerospace companies that produce hi-tech equipment.

Reaching that second spot in the industry was the byproduct of Cristal purchasing Millenium Inorganic Chemicals (MIC) in May 2007 for $1.3 billion. Based in Hunt Valley, Maryland, MIC’s workforce welcomed two more companies just one year later. That was when Cristal purchased Australian mining company Bemax and International Titanium Powder, which helped the newly-merged firm reach 4,000 employees for its workforce.

Those employees are located on five different continents, though the main base of operations remains in Jeddah. Such growth has taken place over the course of the last three decades, with Cristal officially beginning operations in 1988. The Gulf Investment Corporation helped get things off the ground and still maintains a 20 percent interest in the company.

At the outset, Cristal was the lone regional producer of titanium dioxide, yet the clearest indication of the company’s growth can be seen in the expansion of its plant in Yanbu. Its plant capacity has since quadrupled from its original 1991 opening.

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Arabian Drilling Company


For more than 50 years, the Arabian Drilling Company (ADC) has been able to bring to the surface the economic lifeblood of the Kingdom, oil. Their first rig in 1964 has since expanded to 32 onshore rigs and offshore units in Saudi Arabia and in the Divided Zone with Kuwait. Previous operations took place in the United Arab Emirate and Yemen.

ADC, which is located in Khobar, is a privately held company that’s part of a joint partnership between the Industrialization & Energy Services Company (TAQA) and oil giant Schlumberger. TAQA owns a 51 percent majority interest in a company which has as its two biggest clients, Saudi Aramco and Al-Khafji Joint Operations.

Approximately one out of every seven rigs that Saudi Aramco has in operation are managed by ABC, an indication of just how important the company is to the Saudi economy. ABC’s market share of 14 percent matches that large number.

Despite the oil woes of the past few years, the number of rigs owned by the company has expanded 60 percent since those problems began. In 2014, roughly 2,000 people worked on the 20 rigs, a number that’s since jumped up to 3,500 and 32, respectively. That rapid jump is merely a precursor to the goals of the company to boost the number of rigs to 60 by 2017.

The Divided Zone project with Kuwait is a joint venture with the Kuwait Oil Company, whereby two offshore rigs and vessels handle operations. The hope is that success will lead to further investment.

ADC is committed to making the company dependent upon staffing its workforce with native Saudis, with an estimated 70 percent of the company’s employees fitting that description. Such numbers are drastically different from other oil firms that import many of their crews.

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Isam Kabbani Group of Companies


The Isam Kabbani Group of Companies is a conglomerate whose main office based in Jeddah. The company focuses its attention in areas such as contracting, manufacturing and trading and its origins date back nearly 50 years, with a PVC pipe factory the first building block.

With more than 8,000 employees among its 22 different companies and 156 divisions, keeping things moving forward for the Kabbani Group can be complicated. That issue becomes even more of a concern when considering the fact that the scope of operations encompasses nine different countries, with businesses located in major cities.

A good portion of the company’s work deals with construction and civil engineering concerns, aspects that have played a part in the growth of the Kingdom as a vital link to the world.

NEPRO was the pipe fitting company that helped launch the Kabbani name, going from just 700 tons worth of PVC pipe production to more than 50 times that amount. This company set the standard for such companies and continues to thrive. Handling the marketing for this area is National Marketing, which added a wood division in 2007.

Contracting for that construction is handled by the Kabbani Construction Group, which was established in 1977. The company handles subcontracting jobs for sectors like oil fields that include providing security, maintenance and waterproofing.

Unitech was formed two years later to serve as a conduit for materials needed for construction. A good portion of this is steel-related, though power tools and other equipment-oriented aspects are also available.

Rounding out what’s considered to be the Big Five of Kabbani companies is Al-Hayat, which was created in 1984. It’s based exclusively within Saudi Arabia and focuses on bathroom fixtures and other sanitary-connected concerns. There are currently 26 different outlets throughout the Kingdom for consumers.

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