Tarek Obaid
Tarek Obaid is co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of PSI. In his capacity as Chief Executive Officer, he is responsible for the Group’s overall management, strategy and high-level political relationships. Tarek has been instrumental in securing important investment opportunities for the Group as well as attracting senior management to PetroSaudi. In addition to PetroSaudi, Tarek […]
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Al-Jazira Bank
banking services
Chaired by Taha A. Al-Kuwaiz, the Bank Al-Jazira is one of the world’s leading Islamic banks. Headquartered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the bank provides an array of innovative financial products and services, in line with the Islamic Sharia Law. The bank has been serving the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since October 9, 1976 […]
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Etihad Etisalat Co
mobile services
Etihad Etisalat Company provides a wide range of mobile telecommunications services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Mobily is the official brand name of Etihad Etisalat, the 2nd mobile service provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The ownership of the company is of two-fold: A Saudi ownership, comprising public investors holding 40% of the […]
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International LTD
PetroSaudi International ltd, which was founded by Tarek Essam Ahmad Obaid in 2005, is one of the biggest players in the arena of privately owned oil exploration and production companies. The company has offices in England, Switzerland and Saudi Arabia, and is involved in many energy investments (excluding energy explorations). Over the years, PetroSaudi International […]
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Travel Group
The Al Tayyar Travel Group offers travel services. The Company organises vacation packages, books airline and hotel reservations, and owns a car rental company. Al Tayyar has offices in the Middle East, Asia, and North America. Al Tayyar Travel Group is engaged in providing travel, tourism, and shipping services in addition to transport, tourism, and […]
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PetroSaudi International ltd, which was founded by Tarek Essam Ahmad Obaid in 2005, is one of the biggest players in the arena of privately owned oil exploration and production companies.

The company has offices in England, Switzerland and Saudi Arabia, and is involved in many energy investments (excluding energy explorations). Over the years, PetroSaudi International has undertaken several projects in strategic energy regions like the Middle East and Latin America.

PetroSaudi trades natural gas, LPG, jet fuel, gasoline, chemical feedstock and related products in global markets. The company also provides services related to exploration geophysics and geology, oilfield constructions and operations, reservoir engineering, export management, development planning, HSE management and drilling operations compliant with environment protection and global health and safety measures.

In 2013, PetroSaudi established PetroSaudi Energy & Trading (PSENTRA), an oil trading and supply company.

ESG awareness is expressed on their website through the following quote: “Throughout all our operations, we ensure the current environmental conditions are meticulously preserved for the enjoyment of future generations”

Official Website – http://www.petrosaudi.com

Official Newshttp://news.petrosaudi.com

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Freyssiney Saudi Arabia Co. LTD

Freyssiney Saudi Arabia Co. LTD

Freyssiney Saudi Arabia Co. LTD (FSA) is ready to complete its fourth decade of operation, having grown from humble beginnings into one of the largest construction companies in Saudi Arabia. Sheikh Kamal Adham, who has since passed away, began the company in 1978 by focusing strictly on the use of pre-stresses and pre-cast concrete options within the Kingdom.

The success achieved in that area allowed for continued development and growth by FSA in contracting on major building initiatives. These involved civic considerations like bridges and hospitals and most commercial aspects like office buildings and shopping centers.

Taking into consideration the greater focus on environmentally-sound construction, FSA has made that an integral component of their overall philosophy. In addition, safety concerns both during and after construction takes place are part of each business plan. Despite such careful attention to detail, a clear focus on staying on time and on budget are never far from the overall vision.

FSA has its main offices in Jeddah, though it has a branch office in Riyadh and has grown large enough to expand to another office in Beirut, Lebanon. Working closely with the Kingdom’s government, the company has completed projects like an Automated People Mover, a light train build in Riyadh that spanned 18 months and the renovation of the Al-Jamarat Bridge, as well as the surrounding area.

One of the largest projects ever undertaken in Saudi Arabia is currently being handled in oart by FSA. The Riyadh Metro Project is a five-year project that’s scheduled to be completed in September 2018. When completed, it will allow for easier and more convenient travel among local residents, with construction taking place both above and below ground. The final price tag of the overall project when it finishes up is currently estimated at $7.82 billion.

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Zahran Holding

Zahran Holding

What was once known as the Zahran Maintenance Company has evolved into Zahran Holding, due to the company’s ability to branch out into other industries that now establish it as a conglomerate. Having been around since 1975 after its founding by Ghurmallah R. Al Zahrani, the company has roots in a wide variety of different fields and now employs over 25,000 people.

After first focusing just on the areas of maintenance and engineering, Zahran Holding now deals in aspects like appliances, construction and contracting interests, real estate, travel, financial services and investments, health care, information technology and security concerns.

That exhaustive list comprises a portfolio of companies that aren’t officially affiliated with the Kingdom’s government, yet provide services that help day-to-day operations. These areas include the building of hospitals, military bases and schools, with true growth beginning in 1988 and continuing over the course of the next seven years. That timing coincided with a building boom taking place within Saudi Arabia, which not only ended up benefiting Zahran Holding, but the Kingdom as well.

By 2005, the move was made to go beyond the Saudi borders and deliver the same type of service and efficiency to an international audience. All of this development, which spans across four different continents, has allowed the company to continually move up the list of the most vibrant companies in Saudi Arabia.

Zahran Holding is based in Riyadh, yet the imprint it’s made across the globe means that the base of operations is just one portion of this huge company. The goal in the years ahead is for Zahran to develop the type of customized operation in all segments to grow the company even further. All this growth over the course of the last 42 years bodes well for the future.

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Saudi Catering & Contacting Company

Saudi Catering & Contacting Company

The Saudi Catering & Contracting Company is located in Al Khobar and has been in operation for over 50 years, offering many services for major projects within Saudi Arabia. That scope of operations has widened across other parts of the world over the last half-century, with positive word of mouth coming as a result of the company’s efficiency and ability to handle large-scale jobs.

Among the types of workforces the company has dealt with include military units, both domestic and international, and workers in all aspects of the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. Regular construction projects and those dealing with government-oriented areas also are within the skill set of the company’s workforce that now totals over 5,500 people.

One of the biggest achievements for Saudi Catering was its ability to provide full catering to soldiers stationed within the Kingdom during the Gulf War that began its buildup in 1990 before its short span the following year. During that time frame, the company was able to produce 120,000 meals per day.

Producing and serving food are far from the only services that Saudi Catering offers its customers. In addition to those, the company provides camp management, janitorial and laundry services, storage for both cold and dry products and the stocking of a supermarket.

While the main office for Saudi Catering is located in Al Khobar, regional offices can be found in cities like Riyadh, Jeddah and a number of different suburbs within the Kingdom. Beyond the Saudi borders, the company continues to maintain a presence in places like Iraq, Qatar and Kuwait.

Saudi Catering has received countless certificates of appreciation from various entities for the work it’s performed. While some of that work has been under festive events like soccer tournaments, some have been conducted under wartime conditions.

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FARE Construction

FARE Construction

FARE Construction actually began its operations in 1997 as the construction division of the Fawaz A. Al Hokair & Partners Co. In the span of four year, it was successful enough to warrant a huge expansion and two years later, it took its current name.

The main purpose of FARE, which is based in Riyadh, has been to have a key role in the growth that’s taken place over the past 20 years within Saudi Arabia. In addition to the construction industry, it also work on the interiors for many different industries. These include hotels, retail stores, restaurants and hospitals.

FARE has also established a niche for working with businesses that are dedicated to providing security of some sort. In addition, fire protection and safety-based systems are also within their realm of operation, as are communication channels such as telephone and television concerns.

The specific services that FARE provides its clients falls into four specific categories, the most obvious one being the construction industry. Beyond that, the company also provides services that help set up the logistics for procuring supplies and work directly with both contracting interests and manufacturing organizations.

One of the latter two aspects of FARE concern themselves with engineering components and design aspects that have helped create several groundbreaking structures. The other focuses on providing efficient management of projects that are able to use planning techniques and scheduling-based technology to remove potential roadblocks to the completion of such efforts.

The track record of FARE Construction has allowed them to attain one of the highest performance levels that’s been established by the Kingdom’s Department of Public Works. The classification of Grade 1 is indicative of consistency in being able to not only work with their clients but also help them grow Saudi Arabia as a whole.

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