One of the longest lasting heath care legacies within Saudi Arabia can be found in Abdulrahman Algosaibi G.T.B. Its formative years during the 1940’s were as a simple trading company, something that’s in stark contrast to the prestigious reputation the company enjoys in the 21st Century.

Named after its legendary founder, Abdulrahman Algosaibi, the company focuses on three key areas within the health care industry: pharmaceuticals, medicine and scientific discoveries, and veterinary vaccines and other treatments.

The pharmaceutical aspect involves representing 30 different companies from across the globe in vital areas. These include antibiotics, vitamins and nutritional components for infant growth.

The scope of the medical and scientific areas is even wider, with 70 companies being represented among nine separate business divisions. Those nine divisions are broad-based operations in the following areas: analytical and scientific, critical care, dental, disposables and supplies, electro-medical, laboratory, medical gases, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, and surgical.

In an effort to stimulate the growth of both the dairy and poultry industries within Saudi Arabia, the veterinary components of Abdulrahman Algosaibi help keep livestock healthier. That helps feed more residents of the Kingdom, with the development of medical instruments for veterinarians also part of this growing aspect of the company.

Simply developing all of the above items won’t do much good if the logistics in place are unwieldy or the distribution process is chaotic. Neither issue surfaces at Abdulrahman Algosaibi, due to careful planning that takes place beforehand. The subsequent implementation helps lead to faster approaches to caring for Saudi Arabian citizens.

One of the reasons for that smooth-running operation is the operations division, which takes into account areas like supply chain and customer services management. Information technology is also an important part of the entire picture, with continued growth expected in the years ahead.

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