Al Abdullatif Industrial Investment Company

The Al Abdullatif Industrial Investment Company (AIIC) primarily manufactures carpets and rugs that are both woven and unwoven. Nine different companies are under the AICC umbrella, each offering quality merchandise. All sales are directed toward a large group of both domestic and international retailers, manufacturers, exporters and importers. Presently, the company has employees located in 27 different coutnries.

In addition to the carpets and rugs, AIIC also operates businesses connected to yarns, blankets, backing and mono-color concentrates that allows its manufacturers the flexibility to make changes on the fly and still have orders completed on time. Two different textile companies provide the company with different operations: Eastern Textiles focuses on backing, while Western Textiles zeroes in on the yarn market

AAIC’s business plan goes back six decades, though the bulk of its operations truly didn’t take shape until the early 1980’s. The origins of that plan were developed in the founder’s original business of furnishings and furniture trading that had begun in 1958. However, the manufacturing aspect for Sheikh Omer Suleiman Saleh Al Abdullatif didn’t begin until 1980.

That led to carpet manufacturing the following year that took shape as the Saudi Carpet Factory, with tufted and woven carpets the main aspect of the business. Increased revenues and innovative new concepts led to the purchase of huge new machines that snowballed into the inter-connected business that exists today.

By 2007, the company’s growth reached a point that the company began trading on the Saudi Tadawul Stock exchange, changing its name to its current incarnation. Besides the above markets, the family-based business still operates in the area of furniture, while also developing stakes in areas like ceramics, power cables, cement and real estate. Investors have been rewarded during much of that time with annual dividend payments.

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