The main offices of the Alsalam Aircraft Company are located in Riyadh at the King Khaled International Airport. A good portion of the company’s business is related to maintenance for aircraft, primarily with regard to civil and military transport. Going deeper, the technical support it provides is directed toward both the commercial market and the corporate world, which has seen a good deal of growth when it comes to acquisition of private jets.

The maintenance involved in its everyday work deals with repairs, upgrades and overhauls. While this may include engineering aspects like installing communication upgrades, Alsalam also deals with more basic needs, such as painting of aircraft, the application of corrosion protection and standard inspections to ensure safe flight. The scope of Alsalam’s work also involves production of the parts and tools that help put aircraft together.

Since first entering the industry in 1988, Alsalam has been an important part of Middle Eastern aerospace development. In 2015, it came to an agreement to work with aerospace giant Boeing to help establish the Saudi Rotorcraft Support Center. With locations in Jeddah and Riyadh, the goal of the Center is to build the overall workforce to make sure that the supply of domestic skilled workers won’t require an over-reliance on international employees.

That same year, Alsalam also worked with BAE Systems to set up a maintenance and repair facility that will be focused on the Typhoon aircraft that serves as an integral part of the Royal Saudi Air Force.

That was the latest connection between Alsalam and the Saudi Air Force. Back in 2010, it signed a five-year-contract to provide maintenance for the Air Force’s F-15 fighter jets, a deal that was estimated to be worth $380 million. Further growth is expected due to increased military investment.

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