The AlShamrani Group is a Saudi Arabian conglomerate based in Damman with business operations in the areas of construction, mining and manufacturing. Created in 1980 by the company’s namesake, Abdul Khaliq Owdah Alshamrani, the Group also conducts earthwork operations such as grading, excavation and gravel surfacing.

These particular jobs are performed for a wide variety of businesses within the Kingdom. While many such projects focus on construction and other real estate considerations, the continuing development of oil and gas operations and the broadening of infrastructure are also jobs that they’re capable of handling.

Those construction projects are undertaken as part of the overall plan to help Saudi Arabia continue its development as a growing force in the world. Buildings for business operations (including pre-fabricated models) and the creation of stores, museums, hospitals and labs also are part of this vast picture.

Providing much of the supply for construction and the needed infrastructure is what Alshamrani Metal Industries does during its daily manufacturing process. Producing tanks, trailers and other items that are created out of steel and concrete, the company seeks to expedite such construction by creating the aforementioned pre-fabricated material.

When it comes to mining the rich deposits of minerals within the Kingdom, FAD Mining handles these duties. The list of minerals includes silica sand, fieldspar, limestone, quartz, gold and dolomite.

This interrelation of the respective businesses has allowed the AlShamrani Group to maintain a steady grip on the production process. That’s resulted in the company being able to offer competitive prices to its customers and developed a smooth flow of communication between all of the necessary parties.

While the company has clearly established a track record with its collective work, the awareness of developing long-term strategies remains one of the basic tenets of the AlShamrani Group.

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