The Arabian Auto Agency (AAA) is a major distributor within Saudi Arabia when it comes to all different sorts of vehicles. Created more than four decades ago, AAA’s base of operations is located in Jeddah. The company deals with not only standard cars and buses, but also construction vehicles, those used in agricultural fields and cleaning for municipal entities, sport equipment and material handling.

In truth, the engineering equipment facet of the business serves as the key component of the business. That’s because distribution-wise, it ranks at the top among all businesses tasked with providing such items.

The reputation of AAA has surged over the past two decades and is clearly evident from the business relationships that have been created during that time frame with some of the largest brands in the world. That allows the partners like Terex, Sumitomo and Elgin to have a direct outlet to getting their product to interested parties. That, in turn, leads to increased revenues for all concerned.

In addition to offering this wide array of vehicles, AAA also provides a trusted source that can provide needed parts or perform service on such vehicles. That allows for the extended life of such equipment, making AAA a valuable one-stop shop within the Kingdom.

AAA has 12 different branches across Saudi Arabia, with each possessing skilled technicians that know how to adapt to the many different standards that relate to international vehicles. The reason that success continues to be a byproduct of this yearly investment is that the litmus test for working with AAA requires unique skills and adept abilities.

The most recent eaxmple of AAA’s growth is their acquisition of a franchise from European material handling equipment giant STILL. That should allow for yet another infusion of quality equipment in the Kingdom.

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