Arabian Food Supplies has evolved from its earliest beginnings as an offshoot of Spinneys chain of supermarkets that are dotted across the Middles East landscape. Through its main office in Jeddah, AFS has greatly expanded the scope of their overall operations by handling areas devoted to retail outlets, restaurants, catering firms, hospitality and educational concerns.

Through that connection with Spinneys, AFS first began setting up retail stores and small markets more than 30 years ago in housing complexes, camps for workers and hospitals. The growth of the company has resulted in 80 of these outlets now situated across the Kingdom.

With regard to restaurants, AFS focuses on the casual dining market and also manages those eateries in the UAE and Egypt in addition to their Saudi Arabian interests. The three specific franchises with the AFS stamp attached are very well known by many in the West: Chili’s, Fuddruckers and On the Border.

The catering division is focused on selected business sectors that include medical facilities, military concerns, along with schools and universities. Facility management also falls under this umbrella, a service that benefits clients because of the ability to keep costs under control while also paying attention to vital areas such as safety and hygiene.

Despite having all these wheels in simultaneous motion, AFS and its approximately 4,000 employees are able to make sure that those expecting either quality food or service receive it, which engenders the type of loyalty that leads to return visits.

The company is now owned by the Yousuf M.A. Naghi & Sons Group, which has roots within the Kingdom that date back more than a century. The broad range of businesses that are part of the company portfolio include such areas devoted to electronic goods, luxury vehicles and pharmaceuticals, to name just a few.

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