Assystem-Radicon is the byproduct of a 2015 merger that has made the new entity the second largest nuclear engineering company in the world. That merger actually gives the Paris-based Assystem 75 percent ownership of the country, but the strong organization structure created by Radicon Gulf will allow things to stay the way they had been running under company founder Ali K. Al-Harbi.

Al-Harbi created the company in 1992 and developed a strong client base that included domestic business giants like the Saudi Electricity Company, SABIC and Saudi Aramco. It has three specific areas of expertise the focus on energy, nuclear power and infrastructure. In the area of energy, the companies noted above show that the segments devoted to petroleum interests and the generation of power are key facets of the overall business plan.

While the nuclear branch of the company is primarily the result of Assystem’s arrival on the scene, the Kingdom’s quest to exploit all forms of available energy offer a willing market that can help the company continue to thrive.

When it comes to infrastructure, the further development of Saudi Arabia has to coincide with the repairs necessary to current areas that are already in place. This again is where the arrival of Assystem has helped bolster the potential to make that a reality.

Areas like Yanbu Industrial City and Jubail have been directly connected to the structural design and civil engineering capabilities of the experts that first worked under Radicon control and have since adapted to the changes.

Jubail has been a work in progress for the last decade, with the available area encompassing roughly 355 square miles. Presently, 100 of those square miles are developed or are in the process of having work performed in that area by a total of approximately 200 engineers.

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