Azizia Panda ranks as the largest when it comes to supermarkets, hypermarkets and retail companies in Saudi Arabia. With its main offices located in Riyadh, the company was founded in 1978 as a single market and now is part of the Panda Retail Company. That’s a firm that was established by the Savola Company, which purchased the business in October 1998 and currently owns a majority share of 92 percent.

The success and growth enjoyed by the company is clearly evident when looking at the numbers. In nearly four decades, that one market has developed into 470 different incarnations that now employ more than 22,000 people. Among the people employed are more than 250 with special needs.

Expanding past the borders of Saudi Arabia, Azizia Panda now has stores in both Dubai and Egypt. The first store in Dubai was opened in 2006 in the city-state’s Festival City. In a span of 15 months that began in June 2008, the company also purchased two similar-sounding competitors, Giant and Geant Stores.

With regard to Egypt, those openings began in 2015, with the first of those opening in Cairo. By the time the planned 16 stores have been opened, five more will be within Cairo and the remaining 10 located across the country.

Azizia Panda offers a vast number of different items, with the concept of an hypermarket defined as a store that combines a supermarket with a retail store. One of the ways it continues to flourish is through its many publicity stunts.

These have included earning a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records in 2003 with the largest Tide detergent box, which was in the shape of a pyramid. Six years later, it showed off the world’s largest shampoo bottle, which contained 135,000 ounces of product.

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