Bilfal Heavy Industries is located in Jubail Industrial City and was established on June 23, 1983. The company had spent its formative years during the 1970’s specifically within the construction industry but soon evolved by creating a manufacturing sector.

Since that time, the scope of Bilfal’s business has greatly expanded to both develop the infrastructure for firms and put its engineering skills on display. This allows for the manufacture of a variety of items and helps provide the management required for complicated jobs.

Bilfal also has a branch based in Yanbu and is owned by the FAL Group and the Al-Bilad Group, with each owning 50 percent of the company.

Items such as spheres, storage tanks, heat exchangers, pressure valves and reactors are some of the things designed and manufactured by Bilfal. In addition, undertaking projects that focus on offshore work, the concept of desalination and the creation of furnaces are also within their skill set. The desert climate makes all desalination projects important for not only business operations but for simple quality of life.

Being based in Saudi Arabia also means establishing a close connection with the oil and gas industry. This has resulted in the construction of plants that focus on things like gas compression and separation, water injection and regasification. Refining is also taken into consideration, with skills in the areas of desulphurization, hydrocracking and hydrotreating among an array of abilities.

Having established a strong reputation over more than three decades, Bilfal has been able to progressively build its impressive client base. Among that prestigious list are some of the Kingdom’s largest businesses, including Saudi Aramco, SABIC Group Petrochemical Companies and the Saline Water Conversion Company, better known by its acronym, SWCC. That’s led to a current workforce of more than 500 employees.

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