CEPCO has handled construction projects in and out of Saudi Arabia since first starting its business in 1977. An acronym of Civil and Electrical Projects Contracting, the company’s corporate headquarters are based in Jeddah. However, a number of different satellite offices are populated throughout the country and the Middle East.

One area of CEPCO’s services is in providing civil engineering expertise and infrastructure development for buildings that house businesses, stores and residents. It also works to help build water treatment facilities as well as bridges and roads.

Seeking to expand the electrical capabilities of the region, CEPCO has a key role in the creation of electrical substations that help develop both overhead and underground transmission. In addition, the continued development of the Internet has allowed for increased laying of cables and fiber-optic wires while also broadening the base for added communication channels.

Given the often torrid conditions that make up the entire Middle East, the need to build up utility plants is under the areas of expertise that CEPCO possesses. This includes areas like power plants, plumbing and air conditioning maintenance. It also helps systems for both fire protection and building management.

The lifeblood of many Middle Eastern countries, especially Saudi Arabia, is oil and the development of other segments connected to it. That’s why CEPCO is called upon to help build key facets of these related industries that include pipelines and refining aspects. Also, the ability to upgrade outdated areas is also within their collective skill set.

CEPCO works as an authorized agent for a number of key companies and partners. These businesses need to obtain and deliver the type of materials and equipment required for the distribution of power generation. In short, the company has the versatility to work with integral industries within Saudi Arabia.

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