FARE Construction actually began its operations in 1997 as the construction division of the Fawaz A. Al Hokair & Partners Co. In the span of four year, it was successful enough to warrant a huge expansion and two years later, it took its current name.

The main purpose of FARE, which is based in Riyadh, has been to have a key role in the growth that’s taken place over the past 20 years within Saudi Arabia. In addition to the construction industry, it also work on the interiors for many different industries. These include hotels, retail stores, restaurants and hospitals.

FARE has also established a niche for working with businesses that are dedicated to providing security of some sort. In addition, fire protection and safety-based systems are also within their realm of operation, as are communication channels such as telephone and television concerns.

The specific services that FARE provides its clients falls into four specific categories, the most obvious one being the construction industry. Beyond that, the company also provides services that help set up the logistics for procuring supplies and work directly with both contracting interests and manufacturing organizations.

One of the latter two aspects of FARE concern themselves with engineering components and design aspects that have helped create several groundbreaking structures. The other focuses on providing efficient management of projects that are able to use planning techniques and scheduling-based technology to remove potential roadblocks to the completion of such efforts.

The track record of FARE Construction has allowed them to attain one of the highest performance levels that’s been established by the Kingdom’s Department of Public Works. The classification of Grade 1 is indicative of consistency in being able to not only work with their clients but also help them grow Saudi Arabia as a whole.

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