Freyssiney Saudi Arabia Co. LTD (FSA) is ready to complete its fourth decade of operation, having grown from humble beginnings into one of the largest construction companies in Saudi Arabia. Sheikh Kamal Adham, who has since passed away, began the company in 1978 by focusing strictly on the use of pre-stresses and pre-cast concrete options within the Kingdom.

The success achieved in that area allowed for continued development and growth by FSA in contracting on major building initiatives. These involved civic considerations like bridges and hospitals and most commercial aspects like office buildings and shopping centers.

Taking into consideration the greater focus on environmentally-sound construction, FSA has made that an integral component of their overall philosophy. In addition, safety concerns both during and after construction takes place are part of each business plan. Despite such careful attention to detail, a clear focus on staying on time and on budget are never far from the overall vision.

FSA has its main offices in Jeddah, though it has a branch office in Riyadh and has grown large enough to expand to another office in Beirut, Lebanon. Working closely with the Kingdom’s government, the company has completed projects like an Automated People Mover, a light train build in Riyadh that spanned 18 months and the renovation of the Al-Jamarat Bridge, as well as the surrounding area.

One of the largest projects ever undertaken in Saudi Arabia is currently being handled in oart by FSA. The Riyadh Metro Project is a five-year project that’s scheduled to be completed in September 2018. When completed, it will allow for easier and more convenient travel among local residents, with construction taking place both above and below ground. The final price tag of the overall project when it finishes up is currently estimated at $7.82 billion.

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