Sheikh Hussein Bakry Gazzaz has built an empire from his childhood passion – perfumery. Over the years Gazzaz has been revolutionising the retail perfume industry in Saudi Arabia.  Of humble beginnings, Gazzaz’s first business venture was a small shop counter along a hallway in Bab Ziyadah Makkah, which has grown into a crown jewel of an enterprise.

Ceaseless in his efforts to introduce innovative, original and creative fragrances to the people of Saudi Arabia, Gazzaz expanded to be the chain of department stores it is today. Forthcoming in his endeavours to bring the best to his customers, Gazzaz broadened the scope of his business and started to carry the latest top of the line products in cosmetics, beauty products and jewellery.

Setting a benchmark for quality and epitomizing the world’s allure of exotic and sensuous fragrances, the department store has grown increasingly popular and is widely recognized by patrons across the world. The showrooms are an apt and opulent abode for the many delicate and luxurious beauty products and refined fragrances they house. Constructed in sandal stone, each individual showroom is an architectural masterpiece that epitomizes grandeur and stands unrivalled.

Over the years Gazzaz department stores have earned themselves the recognition of a demanding fashion clientele and beauty aficionados.

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