Golden Grass Inc. is a business focused on contracting and agriculture that’s based in Riyadh. First established in 1982, the company focuses much of its efforts in the areas of farm management, the processing of food and finding trading partners when it comes to agrochemicals. Yet the construction of various building all have the company’s imprint attached.

By 1984, Golden Grass took advantage of the surging economy that marked life in the Kingdom during that decade. At the time, the lone crop being grown was wheat, though the scope of operations has far expanded upon that limited vision.

Since that time, vegetables, potatoes and sesame are some of the items harvested within a single year. At the same time, long-term strategies focus on the planning of trees that can now harvest fruits, nuts and olives. The latter item has only recently reached a stage where it’s become a viable commodity. The most effective product harvested has been peanuts, so much so that the company now holds the distinction of maintaining the Middle East’s largest peanut farm.

Protecting those crops has greatly improved the crop yields of many items, using a number of different herbicides, fungicides and insecticides. Due to the infrastructure the company helped set up, a smooth-running distribution network is in place to prevent the spread of any crop-killing diseases.

The number of different structures that Golden Grass has helped build include not only those for use by various commercial businesses but also hospitals and residential homes.

Despite having been in business for more than three decades, Golden Grass still shows signs of being a growth company. Just within the past year, the firm has been able to see its employee base grow by 23 percent, with additional increases expected during the course of 2016.

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