Imdad Logistics began in Saudi Arabia in 2009 as a company focused on helping businesses expand their base of operations through a careful assessment of the market. In less than a decade, the careful attention to detail that’s been a hallmark of the company has allowed it to grow outside of the Kingdom. Presently, additional offices in Jordan, Lebanon and Morocco exist to help businesses in those countries follow suit.

The role of Imdad’s staff has been one to facilitate smooth operations by bringing in experts in the expansive field of logistics. Looking at things from a management perspective, providing accurate audits, crafting winning business plans and making systems operational are all within the areas of the company’s focus.

Dealing with companies through the Middle East and Africa offers unique challenges that requires the sort of background and focus that Imdad can provide. Given the different economic structures that can quickly derail supply chains for a business, Imdad explores all avenues in making sure that not areas are overlooked.

When it comes to logistics management, this is offered to both companies starting out and those with legacies of success. The span of any consultancy is dependent upon the individual circumstances, which may mean only short stays to get things going or a lengthy one for more complicated endeavors.

Determining the right system for a company requires a careful examination of a company’s overall business plan, which is why Imdad takes the time to explore each available system. That ensures that the company’s approach will be in sync with its goals.

The viability of these skills has been proven by companies and institutions in both the public and private sector. Imdad’s level of success can be seen by the continuing growth of its client list.

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