The Isam Kabbani Group of Companies is a conglomerate whose main office based in Jeddah. The company focuses its attention in areas such as contracting, manufacturing and trading and its origins date back nearly 50 years, with a PVC pipe factory the first building block.

With more than 8,000 employees among its 22 different companies and 156 divisions, keeping things moving forward for the Kabbani Group can be complicated. That issue becomes even more of a concern when considering the fact that the scope of operations encompasses nine different countries, with businesses located in major cities.

A good portion of the company’s work deals with construction and civil engineering concerns, aspects that have played a part in the growth of the Kingdom as a vital link to the world.

NEPRO was the pipe fitting company that helped launch the Kabbani name, going from just 700 tons worth of PVC pipe production to more than 50 times that amount. This company set the standard for such companies and continues to thrive. Handling the marketing for this area is National Marketing, which added a wood division in 2007.

Contracting for that construction is handled by the Kabbani Construction Group, which was established in 1977. The company handles subcontracting jobs for sectors like oil fields that include providing security, maintenance and waterproofing.

Unitech was formed two years later to serve as a conduit for materials needed for construction. A good portion of this is steel-related, though power tools and other equipment-oriented aspects are also available.

Rounding out what’s considered to be the Big Five of Kabbani companies is Al-Hayat, which was created in 1984. It’s based exclusively within Saudi Arabia and focuses on bathroom fixtures and other sanitary-connected concerns. There are currently 26 different outlets throughout the Kingdom for consumers.

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