Since the beginning of the new millennium, Jamjoom Pharma has quickly built its reputation within Saudi Arabia to the point where it was able to expand beyond the Kingdom. The central point of operations, which includes its manufacturing plant, is located in Jeddah and is one of many businesses within the conglomerate from which the firm takes the parent company’s name, the Jamjoom Group.

Due to the continued growth of the company, more than 1,000 employees are part of this organization. The pharmaceuticals that are produced encompass a wide array of lines that deal not only with general medicine by select segments as well. These include those for ophthalmological, dermatological and gastrointestinal purposes; those focusing on cosmetic and nutritional aspects; and items that may be prescribed or available over the counter.

Citizens in 26 different countries have access to the items that Jamjoom produces. These areas not only focus on the Middle East, but Africa and those countries that once encompassed the former Soviet Union. That growth pattern has helped put into place plans to add additional manufacturing plants in both Algeria and Egypt.

Despite the central focus of offering pharmaceuticals to selected areas, Jamjoom is working in tandem with other companies across the world in different areas. In the area of immunology is working together with an American biotechnology company, while a German ophthalmology firm uses licensed Jamjoom products.

This growth dovetails nicely with the company philosophy of striving to be one of the top three companies when it comes to pharmaceutical sales within the sectors where it’s already been established. The fact that Jamjoom long ago established its credibility bodes well for both the near and distant future. To emphasize that commitment to quality, all items are produced in a state-of-the-art plant with a highly-trained staff.

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