Latifia Trading & Contracting Co

The Latifia Trading & Contracting Company is based in Riyadh and is celebrating 30 years of operation in 2017. During those three decades, the evolution of the company has changed the focus of the company’s business interests. What first began as contracting for a select area of the Kingdom has now branched out into construction projects all across Saudi Arabia.

The number of commercial buildings that have been created with the Latifia imprint attached to them shows the wide range of different industries that have the company to thank for their current facilities. This includes those situated in not only industry and manufacturing, but also hotels, retail centers, military bases, schools and hospitals. Within this wide scope have also been a number of residential areas.

Latifia Trading & Contracting has made it a priority to adapt to changes within the construction industry. This has included implementing new technologies when necessary and crafting designs that allow a structure to maintain a traditional look that can span different generations.

The flexibility maintained by its ever-growing workforce means that they’re capable of being able to construct facilities that have special purposes, such as data centers. In the often unrelenting heat of the Kingdom, keeping things cool in this area is absolutely paramount to maintaining business.

Such specialization also includes not simply building hospitals that serve the public with vital operations. The growing need to embrace medicine’s many different specialties requires making accommodations to put up buildings that literally address the ills of Saudi society.

The stature of Latifia around the world was again confirmed in 2016, when the company was selected to construct a luxury hotel in conjunction with the Radisson chain. The client in question is the Riyadh Chamber of Commerce, which is seeking to bring in convention business.

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