The M.S. Al-Suwaidi Holding Company was named for its founder, Mohammed Salem Al-Suwaidi, who began the firm in 1960. The company’s main source of business in those early days was to simply perform maintenance as well as handle operations within the Kingdom’s then-relatively dormant oil industry.

By the time 1970 arrived, the company had branched out into construction projects in all different facets of business. This included not only building oil and gas production facilities, but structures to house chemical plants, steel mills and power companies. The growth on the construction side over nearly 50 years has reached a point where countless multi-national corporations entrust such work to the thousands employed by the company, including Mitsubishi and BHP Engineering.

Within the past two decades, growth in a variety of new areas has come about, which includes subsidiaries that focus on areas like real estate, travel and tourism. The first two of these subsidiaries, the Intermediate Chemicals Company and work in the catering industry, were the first evidence of the rapid growth to come.

The company underwent an organizational change in 2007 to reduce the level of bureaucracy that had been created by the creation of so many different companies. From that point, each of the companies were managed independently to allow for smoother operating procedures to be implemented.

The most recent addition to the business was the creation of the Zinc Powder factory. However, the largest division within the company remains the Industrial Services Company, with main offices located in Jubail. Due to the breadth of this division, branches also exist in Jeddah, Riyadh and Yanbu.

This particular unit has three divisions within it, devoted to maintenance, industrial support and fabrication. In the latter case, the work involves creating equipment that’s custom-built to the customer’s specifications.

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