The Mohammad Al-Mojil Group (MMG) has been a longtime Saudi Arabian contractor when it comes to oil and gas interests as well as those in the petrochemical industry. Two other areas in which it focuses on are power plants and desalination projects.

Much of the eastern region of the Kingdom has the imprint of MMG on it, due to fact that they handle construction aspects, technical services or maintenance work that may be daily or for an extended period of time during a shutdown. In addition, they have a pair of steel fabrication shops at their disposal.

MMG has been a presence in Saudi Arabia since 1954, beginning its operations in Dammam, where it remains to this day. The construction component of the business has five specific areas that focus on civil projects, those dealing with infrastructure, structural and instrumentation aspects, along with electrical and mechanical issues.

In order to assist with international companies that do business within Saudi Arabia, the equipment that MMG has available for those construction companies is available for rental. Much of this is unique to the oil and gas industries and can be difficult to obtain otherwise.

MMG became a public company on November 10, 2007, but has struggled in recent years. The son of the company’s namesake had been chairman until June 2016, when he abruptly resigned. That came in the wake of his conviction and the resignation of the company board. Abel Al-Mojil had been convicted along with his father, the founder of the firm, of fraud and manipulation in connection with that 2007 public offering.

The younger Al-Mojil claimed that unpaid contracting bills for Saudi Aramco projects has resulted in a $400 million loss for the company. One plan is to collect approximately half that amount in claims from other firms.

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