Since opening things up in 1993, the Jeddah-based National Food Industries has been focused on serving consumers through the packaging and production of canned goods in a variety of areas. All of these items are produced under the Luna brand, with its circular logo a staple in supermarkets and other areas selling food and dairy products.

In the latter category, choices include milk that’s powdered or has been sweetened and condensed, flavored, or evaporated and ice coffee. Other items include cream cheese, sterilized cream and block cheese, while other things like tomato paste, peas and beans and peanut butter can also be accessed in cans, jars and packets.

Luna products are readily available within the Kingdom, as are Green Farms brand products. In the latter case, distribution is handled by the Omar K Alesayi Marketing Company, while other products are exclusive for foreign customers. These include, Al Hamra, Rotan and Al Bustan branded items.

The continued growth of National Food Industries has allowed for the addition of both equipment and machinery that can achieve the orders that continually come in on a daily basis. The firms purchasing these items are comfortable with the rigorous quality control components that are in place that ensure that the items remain edible.

The speed with which such items are canned is due to a simple reason: the establishment of a can-making structure that allows for different-sized cans to be produced by company employees. Within this same structure, the painting and lacquering of those cans ensures a more professional look to the food items that end up being sold.

At present, National Food Industries exports to three countries, two of them in the Middle East and one in Africa. The Arab countries are located in Dubai and Yemen, while the African nation is Nigeria.

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