Tarek Obaid
Tarek Obaid is co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of PSI. In his capacity as Chief Executive Officer, he is responsible for the Group’s overall management, strategy and high-level political relationships. Tarek has been instrumental in securing important investment opportunities for the Group as well as attracting senior management to PetroSaudi. In addition to PetroSaudi, Tarek […]
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Al-Jazira Bank
banking services
Chaired by Taha A. Al-Kuwaiz, the Bank Al-Jazira is one of the world’s leading Islamic banks. Headquartered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the bank provides an array of innovative financial products and services, in line with the Islamic Sharia Law. The bank has been serving the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since October 9, 1976 […]
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Etihad Etisalat Co
mobile services
Etihad Etisalat Company provides a wide range of mobile telecommunications services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Mobily is the official brand name of Etihad Etisalat, the 2nd mobile service provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The ownership of the company is of two-fold: A Saudi ownership, comprising public investors holding 40% of the […]
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International LTD
PetroSaudi International ltd, which was founded by Tarek Essam Ahmad Obaid in 2005, is one of the biggest players in the arena of privately owned oil exploration and production companies. The company has offices in England, Switzerland and Saudi Arabia, and is involved in many energy investments (excluding energy explorations). Over the years, PetroSaudi International […]
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Travel Group
The Al Tayyar Travel Group offers travel services. The Company organises vacation packages, books airline and hotel reservations, and owns a car rental company. Al Tayyar has offices in the Middle East, Asia, and North America. Al Tayyar Travel Group is engaged in providing travel, tourism, and shipping services in addition to transport, tourism, and […]
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National Food Industries

National Food Industries

Since opening things up in 1993, the Jeddah-based National Food Industries has been focused on serving consumers through the packaging and production of canned goods in a variety of areas. All of these items are produced under the Luna brand, with its circular logo a staple in supermarkets and other areas selling food and dairy products.

In the latter category, choices include milk that’s powdered or has been sweetened and condensed, flavored, or evaporated and ice coffee. Other items include cream cheese, sterilized cream and block cheese, while other things like tomato paste, peas and beans and peanut butter can also be accessed in cans, jars and packets.

Luna products are readily available within the Kingdom, as are Green Farms brand products. In the latter case, distribution is handled by the Omar K Alesayi Marketing Company, while other products are exclusive for foreign customers. These include, Al Hamra, Rotan and Al Bustan branded items.

The continued growth of National Food Industries has allowed for the addition of both equipment and machinery that can achieve the orders that continually come in on a daily basis. The firms purchasing these items are comfortable with the rigorous quality control components that are in place that ensure that the items remain edible.

The speed with which such items are canned is due to a simple reason: the establishment of a can-making structure that allows for different-sized cans to be produced by company employees. Within this same structure, the painting and lacquering of those cans ensures a more professional look to the food items that end up being sold.

At present, National Food Industries exports to three countries, two of them in the Middle East and one in Africa. The Arab countries are located in Dubai and Yemen, while the African nation is Nigeria.

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The Al Tawfiq Company

Al Tawfiq Company

Since 1994, the Al Tawfiq Company has been one of Saudi Arabia’s major sources for sacks that are used in any number of industries and businesses. These come in both woven and plastic styles, with each product getting the attention to detail that ensures quality because they’re made from virgin raw materials.

Woven bags are made out of polypropylene and serve a versatile array of customers that can pack food-based items like flour, grains and sugar. Yet that assortment is just a small portion of the entire market that the company serves, with chemical firms, the fertilizer industry and coal companies making up just some of the other industries that see the value in Al Tawfiq’s products.

Jumbo bags are also available for many items, while some are offered in either laminated, plan or block bottom fashions. The top of the bags are either hemmed or heat cut, while the bottom lined with either a single or double-stitched fold. Those jumbo bags have a capacity of as much as 220 pounds, while those customers requiring smaller versions can get ones with minimum capacities of 11 pounds.

One of the more customer-friendly aspects of the bags coming from Al Tawfiq any pattern or color is available, with only a simple request required. That pattern can be on either one or two sides in as many as six colors.

Al Tawfiq began in Saudi Arabia and still has its base of operations in Jeddah, but the growth of the company has resulted in expansion into Egypt. What was first a capacity of 50 million bags produced per year has mushroomed into one of 330 million. Among that latter number, 180 million come from the Jeddah plant, while the remaining 150 million come from Egypt’s 10th of Ramadan City.

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The National Biscuits Confectionary Company

The National Biscuits Confectionary Company

The National Biscuits Confectionary Company began operations in 1988 from its home base in Jeddah. Over the past three decades, the growth of the company has been so large that 17 different branches within Saudi Arabia were opened up, with three brands serving all of the available offerings by the company. These help make it easier to serve over 25 different markets around the world.

Given the name of the company, biscuits are obviously one of the main components, with two brands delivering a variety of options for consumers in the Kingdom. In the case of Teashop, that means 29 different options when it comes to biscuits and wafers, with some flat, others uncoated and still others coated with flavors like vanilla and hazelnut. Within the Teashop brand are also Abu Walad sandwich biscuits, which can be found in chocolate, coconut and vanilla, and a number of different considerations.

Those who prefer the Memories brand can enjoy flat tea biscuits. Meanwhile, those with a sweet tooth and an affinity for chocolate-based options will be best served through the cocoa, cocoa cream and chocolate crepe varieties. This option can also take advantage of flavors like vanilla and hazelnut.

National Biscuits also seeks out those who think of snacks as having some salt attached to them, which includes such things as potato chips, nuts and popcorn. In the latter category, success in the marketplace has led an expansion of options. What was once only butter-based popcorn has been enlarged to include the product with cheese, chili or caramel as part of the big picture.

Finally, there’s also corn-based snacks for children and for those who prefer some shatta sauce on the product. Not to be left out are date cookies as well two varieties of maamoul, the exotic Middle Eastern pastry.

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United Warehouse Company

United Warehouse Company

The United Warehouse Company (UWC) has only been in operation since 2007 but in the ensuing decade, it’s quickly established itself as a reliable and trustworthy option for companies in Saudi Arabia and beyond. The ability to have a consistent supply chain with refined logistics in place serves as one of UWC’s main calling cards.

The growth of United Warehouse is one that’s steadily moved upward with each succeeding year. Customers enjoy that fact that UWC structures are large enough to accommodate their needs, while remaining coordinated enough to maintain effective control.

Besides the warehouses themselves, other important aspects aren’t overlooked by UWC. For instance, things like kitting, labeling and temperature recording are part of the entire operations package, with basics like having a dedicated terminal in place also taken into consideration. In the case of kitting, that eliminates the burdensome and time-consuming tasks of things like assembling or boxing items

Using the cross docking approach, UWC provides both consolidation and deconsolidation in order to address issues where difference in loads or customers come into play. What results is efficient sorting methods that ensure a wide array of products can be delivered to a variety of customers or combined to cover specific areas.

All those aspects are joined by UWC’s ability to offer three different types of trucks for transport, either from the company’s home base of Jeddah or anywhere else within the Kingdom. Flatbed and side curtain trucks are available, along with refrigerated containers. In the latter instance, that can be important, given the often-triple digit temperatures that are part of life in Saudi Arabia.

The warehouses have security around the clock, are meticulously maintained and have a system in place to address the possibility of fire, as well as full backup power.

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