Founded in 1968, by Abdul Aziz Abdullah Al Sulaiman, Rolaco tends to the needs of growing infrastructural demands in Saudi Arabia. Over the past four decades, Al Sulaiman’s vision was brought to fruition, with Rolaco having gained respect and recognition as a leading provider of trading and contracting goods provider in Saudi Arabia.

A respected and acclaimed service organisation, Rolaco is a well-known business entity throughout the Kingdom and the Gulf region. Headquartered in Jeddah, the company is strategically located in one of the busiest shipping routes across the globe. With the advantage of being based in an important shipping and trade destination, Rolaco expanded its core business module to incorporate supply of wholesale construction to several areas. The business now holds viable operations in contracting, shipping trade, housing development, commercial construction, and transport.

Rolaco has spread its reach across the world, with offices and developing opportunities in America and Europe. The organisation ensures client demands are met with premium quality materials and an acute attention to detail, characteristic factors that have secured the company a strong and positive image in the construction industry. With a prominence that guarantees excellence in every manner, Rolaco takes pride in having built a reliable and efficient service for its customers.

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