Saudi Business Machines was first started in 1947 in Saudi Arabia with the intention responding to the needs of then Arabian-American Oil Company. Now labelled Saudi Business Machines (SBM), the organisation delivers optimal business process facilitation and transactions.

Essentially SBM looks toward the procurement and application of state-of-the-art technological developments with the intention to further development and empowerment.  After observing the success and impact IBM had while handling the information system for the Arabian American Oil Company, a widespread recognition of the need for technological solutions was formed.

The Juffali Group, propelled by the flourishing economy in Saudi Arabia, spearheaded a visionary endeavour in 1981, and established SBM. The organisation immediately took charge of being the General Marketing and Service Representative (GMSR) of IBM’s presence as a World Trade Corporation.

Adopting vanguard facilitation and transaction of processes, SBM authorises clients with the appropriate and exact systems required to excel among associate businesses. In association with principal brands in technology, SBM holds recognition for being a leading service and resolution provider. SBM focuses on forming and executing strategic business alliances with several companies, organisations and industries across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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