Saudi Cable Company (SCC) was formed with a view to satisfy a growing demand for telecommunications and power systems across the globe. The SCC is a primary supplier of advanced technological services and solutions in the Middle East.

Formed in 1975, the SCC has come to be globally recognised for its excellence in the fields of engineering and product design. The organisation is sought after by several international government agencies and civic utility services across the world. Continued progress and development of business ideals has earned the Saudi Cable Group immense growth and achievement. Since their initial turnover of $4 million in 1976, SCC saw its profits skyrocket to over $400 million in 2001.

An increase in capacity to manufacture materials and a more efficient product line, in addition to acquisition of manufacturing facilities in Turkey and Bahrain, has contributed to marked growth and the success of the organisation. Saudi Cable prides itself on being the first ever manufacturer in the Middle East to be certified in the engineering, design and manufacture of copper and aluminium based power and conductor cables. SCC produces cables for telephone connections and optical fibre cables as well. SCC exports their products to over 60 countries spread across the globe.

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