Saudi Catering & Contacting Company

The Saudi Catering & Contracting Company is located in Al Khobar and has been in operation for over 50 years, offering many services for major projects within Saudi Arabia. That scope of operations has widened across other parts of the world over the last half-century, with positive word of mouth coming as a result of the company’s efficiency and ability to handle large-scale jobs.

Among the types of workforces the company has dealt with include military units, both domestic and international, and workers in all aspects of the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. Regular construction projects and those dealing with government-oriented areas also are within the skill set of the company’s workforce that now totals over 5,500 people.

One of the biggest achievements for Saudi Catering was its ability to provide full catering to soldiers stationed within the Kingdom during the Gulf War that began its buildup in 1990 before its short span the following year. During that time frame, the company was able to produce 120,000 meals per day.

Producing and serving food are far from the only services that Saudi Catering offers its customers. In addition to those, the company provides camp management, janitorial and laundry services, storage for both cold and dry products and the stocking of a supermarket.

While the main office for Saudi Catering is located in Al Khobar, regional offices can be found in cities like Riyadh, Jeddah and a number of different suburbs within the Kingdom. Beyond the Saudi borders, the company continues to maintain a presence in places like Iraq, Qatar and Kuwait.

Saudi Catering has received countless certificates of appreciation from various entities for the work it’s performed. While some of that work has been under festive events like soccer tournaments, some have been conducted under wartime conditions.

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