Southern Province Cement Company

The Southern Province Cement Company (SPCC) is involved in cement and clinker production and sales. Based in the city of Abha, it was first established on January 22, 1978 before eventually starting up production with a cement plant in Jazan on October 30, 1981. That first plant was designed to produce 10 million pounds of clinker every day, with continued success and expansion eventually boosting that amount to over 15 million pounds per day.

The strategy behind that first expansion was crafted in 1992, though it would take approximately five years before production commenced. That plant was specifically located in Bisha to take advantage of the ample supply of limestone within the surrounding mountains.

In order to reduce the costs of getting that production started, a joint venture was negotiated with an American company, Fuler, and one from South Korea, HALA. When it began, the estimated capacity per year was targeted at 2.4 billion pounds of cement.

A steady flow of business and the discovery of more limestone in the Makah region, specifically in Al-Aradiah Al-Janoubiah, then resulted in the decision to build a new cement plant in that area. After targeting production capacity at 10 million pounds per day, the successful launch eventually led to a boost to 12 million in that area.

That particular expansion with the Makah plant came after the company signed an agreement with Sinoma Company, which had constructed the facility’s first production line. The deal became official on December 30, 2009.

Now based in 16 countries across the world, SPCC managed to flourish even after the Kingdom banned the exporting of cement in 2008. That effort was forged to keep prices lower for infrastructure projects initiated by the government, but was waived in April 2016 in the wake of continued lower oil prices.

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