Since 1994, the Al Tawfiq Company has been one of Saudi Arabia’s major sources for sacks that are used in any number of industries and businesses. These come in both woven and plastic styles, with each product getting the attention to detail that ensures quality because they’re made from virgin raw materials.

Woven bags are made out of polypropylene and serve a versatile array of customers that can pack food-based items like flour, grains and sugar. Yet that assortment is just a small portion of the entire market that the company serves, with chemical firms, the fertilizer industry and coal companies making up just some of the other industries that see the value in Al Tawfiq’s products.

Jumbo bags are also available for many items, while some are offered in either laminated, plan or block bottom fashions. The top of the bags are either hemmed or heat cut, while the bottom lined with either a single or double-stitched fold. Those jumbo bags have a capacity of as much as 220 pounds, while those customers requiring smaller versions can get ones with minimum capacities of 11 pounds.

One of the more customer-friendly aspects of the bags coming from Al Tawfiq any pattern or color is available, with only a simple request required. That pattern can be on either one or two sides in as many as six colors.

Al Tawfiq began in Saudi Arabia and still has its base of operations in Jeddah, but the growth of the company has resulted in expansion into Egypt. What was first a capacity of 50 million bags produced per year has mushroomed into one of 330 million. Among that latter number, 180 million come from the Jeddah plant, while the remaining 150 million come from Egypt’s 10th of Ramadan City.

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