The Panda United Company, also known as Azizia Panda, is one of the biggest grocery retailers of Saudi Arabia. It is a subsidiary of the popular Savola Group which itself ranks  ninth among the top 100 companies in the Saudi market. The first branch of Azizia Panda opened in Riyadh in 1978.

The retailer is known for several notable feats; achieved since being acquired by The Savola Group. September 2003 saw the grocery retailer make it to the Guinness Book, along with Tide, for launching the largest pyramid shaped box. Six years later, in the March of 2009, the company unveiled a 4.8m long shampoo bottle – the largest in the world, containing 4,000 liters of Herbal Essences.

Azizia Panda has five hypermarkets in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and one in Festival City, Dubai.


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