The National Biscuits Confectionary Company

The National Biscuits Confectionary Company began operations in 1988 from its home base in Jeddah. Over the past three decades, the growth of the company has been so large that 17 different branches within Saudi Arabia were opened up, with three brands serving all of the available offerings by the company. These help make it easier to serve over 25 different markets around the world.

Given the name of the company, biscuits are obviously one of the main components, with two brands delivering a variety of options for consumers in the Kingdom. In the case of Teashop, that means 29 different options when it comes to biscuits and wafers, with some flat, others uncoated and still others coated with flavors like vanilla and hazelnut. Within the Teashop brand are also Abu Walad sandwich biscuits, which can be found in chocolate, coconut and vanilla, and a number of different considerations.

Those who prefer the Memories brand can enjoy flat tea biscuits. Meanwhile, those with a sweet tooth and an affinity for chocolate-based options will be best served through the cocoa, cocoa cream and chocolate crepe varieties. This option can also take advantage of flavors like vanilla and hazelnut.

National Biscuits also seeks out those who think of snacks as having some salt attached to them, which includes such things as potato chips, nuts and popcorn. In the latter category, success in the marketplace has led an expansion of options. What was once only butter-based popcorn has been enlarged to include the product with cheese, chili or caramel as part of the big picture.

Finally, there’s also corn-based snacks for children and for those who prefer some shatta sauce on the product. Not to be left out are date cookies as well two varieties of maamoul, the exotic Middle Eastern pastry.

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