The United Feed Company (UFC) was founded in 1983 as part of the Al Muhaidib Group, supplying and marketing different types of barley feed within the Kingdom. The number of different varieties available are crushed, flaked and in pellet form, all coming underneath the Al Rai brand.

The crushed variety helps ease the digestive tracts of those ingesting the barley, while the flaked variety has been shown to be an asset when it comes to milk production for dairy cows. In the case of pellets, the nutritional assets help it stand out.

One of the key differences between standard barley and the product that the United Feed Company offers is that cattle is able to digest all of the UFC feed, as opposed to the 70 percent offered by traditional outlets. That can have a detrimental fact on the fattening process, since regular barley is excreted as wasteful residue.

The company is set up to establish smooth storage and distribution channels to clients in a variety of coast cities within the Kingdom. United Feed has branches in Jeddah, Dammam, Gizzan, Dubah, Wadi Fatima, Jubail and Yanbu.

United Feed Company has grown to the point that it now is the leading organization in its particular industry, possessing a capacity of 3.5 million tons per year when it comes to both storage and filling orders.

The Jeddah branch serves as the United Feed Company’s central offices, though an estimated 320 people make up the entire workforce for the company. UFC has made customer service one of the hallmarks of their brand, which means that rigorous quality control measures have been put in place that focus not only on its own employees, but also any subcontractors or suppliers in the mix. The continued growth shows the overall effectiveness of that vital strategy.

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