The United Warehouse Company (UWC) has only been in operation since 2007 but in the ensuing decade, it’s quickly established itself as a reliable and trustworthy option for companies in Saudi Arabia and beyond. The ability to have a consistent supply chain with refined logistics in place serves as one of UWC’s main calling cards.

The growth of United Warehouse is one that’s steadily moved upward with each succeeding year. Customers enjoy that fact that UWC structures are large enough to accommodate their needs, while remaining coordinated enough to maintain effective control.

Besides the warehouses themselves, other important aspects aren’t overlooked by UWC. For instance, things like kitting, labeling and temperature recording are part of the entire operations package, with basics like having a dedicated terminal in place also taken into consideration. In the case of kitting, that eliminates the burdensome and time-consuming tasks of things like assembling or boxing items

Using the cross docking approach, UWC provides both consolidation and deconsolidation in order to address issues where difference in loads or customers come into play. What results is efficient sorting methods that ensure a wide array of products can be delivered to a variety of customers or combined to cover specific areas.

All those aspects are joined by UWC’s ability to offer three different types of trucks for transport, either from the company’s home base of Jeddah or anywhere else within the Kingdom. Flatbed and side curtain trucks are available, along with refrigerated containers. In the latter instance, that can be important, given the often-triple digit temperatures that are part of life in Saudi Arabia.

The warehouses have security around the clock, are meticulously maintained and have a system in place to address the possibility of fire, as well as full backup power.

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