Yousef Abdullah Al-Benyan – SABIC

Yousef Abdullah Al-Benyan is the Vice Chairman and CEO of SABIC, the world number two integrated petrochemicals group.

Before acting as the head of the company, Mr. Al-Benyan filled different senior positions such as Executive VP, Corporate Finance and CFO; Executive VP, Chemicals; and Executive VP, Corporate Human Resources.

Mr. Al-Benyan started working for SABIC in 1987, eleven years after the company’s creation. His started out as a business development officer before integrating the department for Corporate Communications. Mr. Al-Benyan was later expatriated to Stamford, Connecticut as Operations Manager. He later moved to Houston in 1994, Texas serving as Commercial Manager for SABIC in the Americas. In 2002, he was promoted to General Manager of SABIC Asia, working out of Singapore.

Mr. Al-Benyan has a Bachelor in Economics and a Master’s degree in Industrial Management.

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