What was once known as the Zahran Maintenance Company has evolved into Zahran Holding, due to the company’s ability to branch out into other industries that now establish it as a conglomerate. Having been around since 1975 after its founding by Ghurmallah R. Al Zahrani, the company has roots in a wide variety of different fields and now employs over 25,000 people.

After first focusing just on the areas of maintenance and engineering, Zahran Holding now deals in aspects like appliances, construction and contracting interests, real estate, travel, financial services and investments, health care, information technology and security concerns.

That exhaustive list comprises a portfolio of companies that aren’t officially affiliated with the Kingdom’s government, yet provide services that help day-to-day operations. These areas include the building of hospitals, military bases and schools, with true growth beginning in 1988 and continuing over the course of the next seven years. That timing coincided with a building boom taking place within Saudi Arabia, which not only ended up benefiting Zahran Holding, but the Kingdom as well.

By 2005, the move was made to go beyond the Saudi borders and deliver the same type of service and efficiency to an international audience. All of this development, which spans across four different continents, has allowed the company to continually move up the list of the most vibrant companies in Saudi Arabia.

Zahran Holding is based in Riyadh, yet the imprint it’s made across the globe means that the base of operations is just one portion of this huge company. The goal in the years ahead is for Zahran to develop the type of customized operation in all segments to grow the company even further. All this growth over the course of the last 42 years bodes well for the future.

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