In 1977, Zamil Steel began operations in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. After nearly 40 years, it has played a role in the construction of more than 65,000 buildings within 90 different countries. Its main role has been related to pre-engineered steel buildings, specializing in the areas of designing, manufacturing and supplying them.

In addition to that specific area, Zamil has subsidiary companies that focus on structural steel, electric towers and galvanizing and process equipment. In the latter category, this includes the building of things like an acetylene reactor, thermal oxidizer or bio-acid tanks.

The growth of the company is such that its central location within Saudi Arabia is supplemented by key areas like Egypt, India and Vietnam. Egypt’s growth was stalled during their political upheaval of a few years ago, though the stronger working relationship between the Saudis and Egyptians is a likely precursor to more growth in this area.

Zamil’s connection with India dates back more than two decades, with the combined impact of continued economic growth in the country and the need for better infrastructure.

One of the reasons that Zamil Steel has been able to expand past the borders of Saudi Arabia is due to the establishment of 54 different sales offices within a total of 31 countries. In 16 of those countries, the company has access to 35 certified builders. The company’s stature is such that it’s worked with companies like Coca Cola, General Electric, Procter & Gamble and Toyota.

The pre-engineered segment of the construction market is one that’s projected to have a compound annual growth rate of nearly 12 percent from now until 2020. At present, Zamil has a collective workforce of more than 3,500, with that number expected to grow in concert with the growth within the aforementioned companies.

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